What We Can Learn From the GOP Candidates’ Pop Culture Interests

Ted Cruz is campaigning as a ‘friendly crusader’—one who can talk shop about the TV and movies voters have watched.

Source: What We Can Learn From the GOP Candidates’ Pop Culture Interests

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Top 5 Money Saving Apps

Money Saving AppsApps that will help you to save money

Is saving money is your new resolution!………This blog will definitely for you. Plan your retirement now.

In this technology era, world is moving fast, hundreds of new app released today. Apart from entertainment , many application offers us to save money to great extent. Here are round up of some incredible money saving app.Application , that will make you smart


  • It is an incredible application to save money on groceries.
  • This kind of app offer cash reward, which is directly deposited in user’s paypal account.
  • To participate,  user need to choose the offer before heading to the grocery store
  • The more offer he choose, the more cash he can earn.

Shop Kick

  • Shop kick is an absolutely free location based rewards app for iPhone and  Android platform.
  • User can earn “kickbucks” (rewards). They earn reward when they  check -in-at participates business and when they scan  bar code on specific products.
  • For vesting, retails like Macy’s, Target, Crate, Barrel, will reward you with” kick”.
  • User can use their reward point for retail gift card. Among all Target is best option.


  • Viggle is one of the very interesting app. User can earn point for watching Tv shows.
  • After downloading the app, user have to register whatever shows he or she is watching.
  • User  can also earn  extra reward for watching featured programs And can use those rewards for gift cards and other  prize.

Save Money With Viggle


  • This is an incredible app. User can find coupon code for tens of thousand of retailer.
  • The cashier will scan them, straight from user smartphone.
  • Many mails support the apps location based service.
  • User will get alert, when he get near a store that has a sale or a coupon is available.
  • Free for iPhone and Android.


  • Such App will pay user for watching Ads.
  • User can earn money by checking in at walmart and other participating locations.
  • To take benefit from this app. user only have to request a jinget user debit card, which cost only $3. Earning limit is $15 per week.
  • This is an awesome app if you do lot of walmart shopping. Enjoy Saving.







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How to Reduce Operating Expenses in Business

The concepts of cutting and reducing the business cost or business expenses are different.

Are you clever in developing and implementing successful business strategies ?

Since success and failure are two sides of a single coin, there can be many things connected with planning and implementation and management of business strategies which will always bring positive results. But the result does not mean that it bring enough profit to company. Sometime, it may be a systematic approach introduced by the entrepreneur. The efficiency and its realistic approach in its implementation creates the success and that success in his business gives him a new identity of successful entrepreneur.

Plan better for Reduce the Business Cost

If you plan, develop and execute the right strategy for your business, and if you success in mixing the ingredients factors in suitable manner, it will help you to achieve your aims goals. The achievement of business goals means the real success in your business. Better planning means best control in business cost investments.

If any changes made in the system of your business operation can reduce its cost or expenses, if the shift brings many improvements in any business, can be advisable to others. If the change brings huge and remarkable improvements, it will get wider acceptance. But in all sense reduction of cost,  the conservation of money indirectly means produced or newly earned. If we remember the quote connected with energy, like Energy and money once conserved means equal to created.

If the alterations made or adopted newly can improve the level of your profit, it will directly help you.

Be Responsible in Actions connected with Business

Always built up and promote a responsible team in your business organization.

It is the collective attitude and approach make every business groups a successful one. There are many contributing factors for success of each and every individual and a collective business brand. The individual upliftment and empowerment will always cater a responsible business team. Improve the brand value with better ideologies.If you can spread good value in your business environment, your in house business team can individually do many beneficial things useful for your business cost reduction.

Conserve all chances of extra costs

Try to reduce usage of energy by using quality equipments and energy saving Electrical / Electronic products.
For example usage of machines with 5 star rating can reduce the Electricity bill (Advisable for small business groups).

Even if these tips will be looking like simple, it can surely help you in reducing business operating cost or expenses.

Always promote service outsourcing to maintain cost balancing
It is 100% proven fact that outsourcing your business process can reduce business operating expenses up to a good extent. If do a detailed research on how to reduce the cost of a business process you can easily find hundreds of beneficial articles which will help you to understand about the benefits of outsourcing.

Re-source to low cost countries

Offshoring or outsourcing business process activities to a country where there is high quality human resource  is available and the labor cost is too low when comparing to local outsourcing companies.

Reduce Travel expenses
Business organizations can reduce their operating expenses by reducing the number of unwanted business trips which are not useful for development of the business.

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What’s The Impact Of Narendra Modi’s victory On U.S.

New Era Of Modi

Narendra modiNearly 800 million voters, over 930.000 polling booth and the battle to lead the world’s largest democracy.

Friday marked the history day in India’s politics, landslide victory for Narendra  modi, and first time in 30 years a single party has won huge seats to rule without coalition partners.

Narendra modi’s victory  in Indian election is a good sign to enhance the trade relation between India And U.S.  As there are many parallel in Mr.  Modi and Barack Obama’s victory. Both hugely appealed to young voters and ran on a message of  change, expanding economic opportunity and making government more responsive

Depending on which officials joint his  government U.S. companies  could benefit from a relaxing of recent policies that Indian manufacturing and intellectual property at the expenses of international rivals, U.S. business groups say

In  words of US official and business leader Modi’s  victory could leads to eventually lift  US  export in  industries from heavy infrastructure to pharmaceutical products.

Looking at Mr. Modi reputation and his track record  in Gujarat, there  were some good signs from his  tenure there” said, Linda Dempsey, vice president of international comic affairs at the Washington based National  Association Of manufacture , a trade group.

 Under Modi’s government  U.S.  government is looking to resolve the  issue  like “war of drug”  This is a sore issue in the relationship, and one would only hope that steps would be taken to improve protection for intellectual property,” said Myron Brilliant, executive vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobbying group and other crucial issues  like solar flare up, conflict of Hollywood vs Bollywood and   defense tension is likely to resolve  soon.

U.S  government also showing some positive reaction to resolve MR. Modi  Visa issue. As On Friday, Benjamin Rhodes, a deputy national-security adviser, tweeted, “US congratulates BJP on its victory in India’s historic election; we look forward to working w/ govt once formed to advance our partnership.” A bit later, the White House announced that Modi would now be welcome to visit the United States.

Changes can be bought, but not just by one person, changes requires the effort and active participation from both side





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Ye Hai Youngistaan …

Era of Young”Desi” Entrepreneur in India

They are young, have great ideas and know how to make their dreams a Young enterprenuerreality. Bringing new concept and produce to market.. Creativity and hard work are their strength….” 

My blog is not at all about Stories of  Ratan Tata, and Dhirubhai Ambani, the joint family structure, a peculiarly  Indian phenomenon, undoubtedly powered  the success of many Indian businesses, but now the trend is changing………

India, the fastest growing  economy in the world, where more than 65% population is under age of 35. Young entrepreneur playing a vital role in the process of economic development of the  nation.

I use the  word ” Young entrepreneur ” for all those  founders and funders,  brand builders  and do -gooder,  who isn’t waiting  around for opportunities but identifying opportunities and capture it with enthusiasm.

They could be anyone, may be a young CEO of any IT company or the owner of any dance academy.

Their ambition is way bigger and perfectly suited to the dynamic,  entrepreneurial and the impatience digital world they grew up

They, are in fact backbone of growth and considered to be catalyst  agents  for promotion and expansion of productive  activities in every sphere of economic life of the Nation.

Young ” Desi” business minded are not only moving one step closer to the  life of a successful entrepreneur,  they are even earning a  global name in the process.

Soo,, this is an exhilarating time to be young and ambitious……Be convinced about the value of your idea – or be equally convinced that it will not work. Set yourself goals and time limits, and think of where you personally want to be 5-10 years down the road. Pick something you enjoy doing well and are good at. ……


I ended the blog with very inspiring quote for all young entrepreneurs…

It’s not always that you get to hit the iron, when it is hot….hit the iron so hard that its get hot……



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Let you decide your destiny

“Our life is what we made it”. In the words of  Charles du bcos, french critic and essayist   “we must be prepared at any moment to sacrifice who we are and for who we are capable of becoming “…………….lets move forward

When we are young, life is exciting, full of possibilities, uncertainties, full of dreams in our teenage  days, we always live with our dreams, but as time passes, it’s become less so – perhaps bored by the monotony of our lives.  But  it depends on us,  how we deal with the situation, self motivation  can  help you to achieve your goal at any age whatsoever is the condition.  To live a healthy, balanced life, one must believe in himself and always be inspired  to  give his best. Here are some  steps  how can you lead a balanced life.

  • (Re) Discover your interest

One should always do the work, which he loves to do, find out what you love about the work. Try to analyze the work which gives you energy, which will leave you with more energy at the end of activity that when you started.

  • Spend some valuable time with yourself

Manage to spend at least 30 minute valuable time with yourself. Use that time to think what you want, what you achieved, how you want to lead a balanced life? Ask these questions  of yourself and try to find the answer.

  • Grab the positive energy from where you can

The company you keep,  influence your life a lot. As a famous saying ” one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. Spend time with  confident and motivated people in the workplace.  Be in a company of optimistic people, always motivate you to do your best.

  • Baby Step

A first move is always crucial, think twice before taking any decision. Once you know what you want and what you have to do, nobody in the whole world apart from you can push you back .Keep walking in the direction of your  success.

It’s  your life, it’s in your hand, how you deal with it!!!!

Nupur Jain

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29 Tips to Create a Website That Both Google and Your Customers Love

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