Top 10 Outsourcing Companies In India


Outsourcing is the act of one company contracting with other company to reduce and control operating cost, to improve companies focus and to fee external resources for other purpose. In a developing country like India, BPO is the fastest growing segment, of ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services.Due to cheap labor cost and India’s huge talent pool of skilled English speaking professional, India is the world’s favored market for BPO Companies.

So,here is the list of top ten BPO companies in India

no 10

First source is a global provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra offering a wide range of services across Banking and Financial service, telecommunication, in media and also in healthcare sectors. It was founded in 2001,and a total revenue of US$110 million. Its ranked No.10 in India’s top Outsourcing Companies.

ifinal no 99

Hindustan computer limited, headquarter in Noida, India. Shiv Nadar is the CEO of HCl. HCl  BPO offer services in finance, accounting, supply chain management and human resources.It was started in 2003 and its current turnover is upto $200 million. HCl BPO grab 9th position in the list of top 10 outsourcing companies in India.


final no 8
Aditya Birla Minacs, gets 8th position on top ten list. Aditya Birla Minacs India,headquarter is in Bangalore, India. It is Subsidiary of Aditya Birla Corp. The company has turnover of $438 billion. More than 21000 employes are associated with Aditya Birla Minacs. The company was started in 2007.

no 7 finall

On April 3,2002 Infosys BPO limited was incorporated as progen limited. to provide Business Program Management services to different organization. Infosys BPO is majority owned and controlled subsidiary of Infosys technologies limited. Infosys BPO closed FY 12-13 with a revenue of US$583 million and 24,638 employee. Infosys ranked no.7 in list of top ten outsourcing companies in India.



Wipro is a global outsourcing company with 145,000 employes serving over 900 clients in 61 countries. it grab the position of No.6 among top outsourcing companies in India. it total revenue is $6.7 billion. wipro is founded by Azim Premji in 1945. It is the first company to be assured at PCMM level. Its headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka India.


no 5 final

WNS global service , is a global outsourcing services provider. Its head quarter in Maharashtra Mumbai.WNS global service provide service to more than 200 global and local clients. The company’s total revenue is about $616 million and total of 2500 employee. WNS global service grab the 5th position in list of top 10 outsourcing companies in India.


aegisss finallyAegis, founded 30 year ago, in united state,is a global outsourcing company. It has vast BPO business empire spreading in 11 countries,with employee more than 60,000 people. In India its corporate office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Aegis turnover is around $700 million. Aegis occupy the 4th position .


no 3

Serco’s global BPO business deliver bespoke end to end front,with more than 50,000 employes. It is the 3rd top outsourcing company in India. Its net revenue is $4,833.2US million. The company was founded in 1929. Many Congratulation to Serco for retaining the No. 3rd Position.


no 2 final

TCS a giant MNC, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Founded in 1968 by JRD Tata. TCS is a subsidiary of Tata group and country’s second top outsourcing company. TCS annual revenue is more than $i billion and has 34000 working professional . TCS has 199 offices across 44 countries and 124 delivery clients in 21 countries,

Heres come the King of outsourcing
gepactGenpact is India’s top Outsourcing Company. It provide service in financial risk management, analytic and research, business process management and IT services. Genpact annual revenue is more than $2.20 billion dollar. Has a presence in more than 24 countries. Currently it employs 62,000+ people in various location providing service in over 30 language in a 24/7 basis.

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