Let you decide your destiny

“Our life is what we made it”. In the words of  Charles du bcos, french critic and essayist   “we must be prepared at any moment to sacrifice who we are and for who we are capable of becoming “…………….lets move forward

When we are young, life is exciting, full of possibilities, uncertainties, full of dreams in our teenage  days, we always live with our dreams, but as time passes, it’s become less so – perhaps bored by the monotony of our lives.  But  it depends on us,  how we deal with the situation, self motivation  can  help you to achieve your goal at any age whatsoever is the condition.  To live a healthy, balanced life, one must believe in himself and always be inspired  to  give his best. Here are some  steps  how can you lead a balanced life.

  • (Re) Discover your interest

One should always do the work, which he loves to do, find out what you love about the work. Try to analyze the work which gives you energy, which will leave you with more energy at the end of activity that when you started.

  • Spend some valuable time with yourself

Manage to spend at least 30 minute valuable time with yourself. Use that time to think what you want, what you achieved, how you want to lead a balanced life? Ask these questions  of yourself and try to find the answer.

  • Grab the positive energy from where you can

The company you keep,  influence your life a lot. As a famous saying ” one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. Spend time with  confident and motivated people in the workplace.  Be in a company of optimistic people, always motivate you to do your best.

  • Baby Step

A first move is always crucial, think twice before taking any decision. Once you know what you want and what you have to do, nobody in the whole world apart from you can push you back .Keep walking in the direction of your  success.

It’s  your life, it’s in your hand, how you deal with it!!!!

Nupur Jain


About nupoorjain

A highly optimist,and confident one.Believe in my rhythmic sense to motivate other to achieve their best in their professional and personal life. Hailing from India ,a passionate engineer who firmly believes in nothing is impossible.
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3 Responses to Let you decide your destiny

  1. YASH FALE says:

    Nice post , keep posting .


  2. YASH FALE says:

    Nice post , keep posting.


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