What’s The Impact Of Narendra Modi’s victory On U.S.

New Era Of Modi

Narendra modiNearly 800 million voters, over 930.000 polling booth and the battle to lead the world’s largest democracy.

Friday marked the history day in India’s politics, landslide victory for Narendra  modi, and first time in 30 years a single party has won huge seats to rule without coalition partners.

Narendra modi’s victory  in Indian election is a good sign to enhance the trade relation between India And U.S.  As there are many parallel in Mr.  Modi and Barack Obama’s victory. Both hugely appealed to young voters and ran on a message of  change, expanding economic opportunity and making government more responsive

Depending on which officials joint his  government U.S. companies  could benefit from a relaxing of recent policies that Indian manufacturing and intellectual property at the expenses of international rivals, U.S. business groups say

In  words of US official and business leader Modi’s  victory could leads to eventually lift  US  export in  industries from heavy infrastructure to pharmaceutical products.

Looking at Mr. Modi reputation and his track record  in Gujarat, there  were some good signs from his  tenure there” said, Linda Dempsey, vice president of international comic affairs at the Washington based National  Association Of manufacture , a trade group.

 Under Modi’s government  U.S.  government is looking to resolve the  issue  like “war of drug”  This is a sore issue in the relationship, and one would only hope that steps would be taken to improve protection for intellectual property,” said Myron Brilliant, executive vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobbying group and other crucial issues  like solar flare up, conflict of Hollywood vs Bollywood and   defense tension is likely to resolve  soon.

U.S  government also showing some positive reaction to resolve MR. Modi  Visa issue. As On Friday, Benjamin Rhodes, a deputy national-security adviser, tweeted, “US congratulates BJP on its victory in India’s historic election; we look forward to working w/ govt once formed to advance our partnership.” A bit later, the White House announced that Modi would now be welcome to visit the United States.

Changes can be bought, but not just by one person, changes requires the effort and active participation from both side






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