Top 5 Money Saving Apps

Money Saving AppsApps that will help you to save money

Is saving money is your new resolution!………This blog will definitely for you. Plan your retirement now.

In this technology era, world is moving fast, hundreds of new app released today. Apart from entertainment , many application offers us to save money to great extent. Here are round up of some incredible money saving app.Application , that will make you smart


  • It is an incredible application to save money on groceries.
  • This kind of app offer cash reward, which is directly deposited in user’s paypal account.
  • To participate,  user need to choose the offer before heading to the grocery store
  • The more offer he choose, the more cash he can earn.

Shop Kick

  • Shop kick is an absolutely free location based rewards app for iPhone and  Android platform.
  • User can earn “kickbucks” (rewards). They earn reward when they  check -in-at participates business and when they scan  bar code on specific products.
  • For vesting, retails like Macy’s, Target, Crate, Barrel, will reward you with” kick”.
  • User can use their reward point for retail gift card. Among all Target is best option.


  • Viggle is one of the very interesting app. User can earn point for watching Tv shows.
  • After downloading the app, user have to register whatever shows he or she is watching.
  • User  can also earn  extra reward for watching featured programs And can use those rewards for gift cards and other  prize.

Save Money With Viggle


  • This is an incredible app. User can find coupon code for tens of thousand of retailer.
  • The cashier will scan them, straight from user smartphone.
  • Many mails support the apps location based service.
  • User will get alert, when he get near a store that has a sale or a coupon is available.
  • Free for iPhone and Android.


  • Such App will pay user for watching Ads.
  • User can earn money by checking in at walmart and other participating locations.
  • To take benefit from this app. user only have to request a jinget user debit card, which cost only $3. Earning limit is $15 per week.
  • This is an awesome app if you do lot of walmart shopping. Enjoy Saving.








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  1. Amit S. says:

    Just started following your blogs, must say very diverse and interesting!


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