How Google Decides Whether Your Website is Worthy of the First Page

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Top 10 Business That Will Flourish In 2020

Business Boom in 2020

Start Planning Now

Where will you work in 2020

This is the billion dollar question. It’s hard to predict the future, but sometime  calculating the future  can help to a great extent to decide in which direction you have to work, or where you have to invest in new skills.
It’s like a good fisherman, who know how and where to do fishing to grab more fishes. The business world is changing at a faster pace, in such competitive world, one has to be always alert and keep his eye open.

Here are the 10 fields that are likely to Boom in 2020:

10) Entrepreneurship:-

EnterpreeushipNeed of highly skilled innovator who can run business could be more important than ever in 2020.Futures analyst  expects high growth in traditional business  such as a car dealer, office services, anybody who has the ability to provide, cheap, high quality service will reap a windfall.

With the advancement in technology, and with every day new invention, no one body knows  what the next twitter,  i pod  is,  only some entrepreneur who’s  dreaming it.

9) Finance:-

Financial ManagementEfficient and effective management of money is must to run the business smoothly. Changing bank policies, new  rules and regulation, high risk in investment leads to increase in demand of more and more finance expert. By 2020 this demand  is expected to by 20%.

8) Management:-Management

To  Cut down the operational  cost, use the resources effectively and efficiently, streamline all the work, best use of manpower all would be some crucial work by 2020…  To handle all the job and resources efficiently, more and more skilled managers would be  in demand.

7) Some healthcare field:-

Health care

Nowadays a person is more conscious toward health. It’s commonly  said health is wealth, and giving light to this fact, profession, like nurses, optometry,  dentist, cardiologist,  physical therapists were in great demand.

6) Environment and conservation science:-

Enviorment and conservation science With the increasing population and  decreasing resources, there is an urgent need  of finding some alternatives to save the motherland.  Global warming, and other environmental  issue require new technology, and more attention.

5) Veterinarian:-


According to research, the need for veterinarian to rise by 35% by 2020.

4) Computer Engineer:-

computer engineeringThis is the fastest growing sector and the trend will  remain same for  another 5 year.. Highly talented and skilled computer engineer will be great demand  in 2020.

3) Scientific Research:-

scientific   research
With an outstanding growth in science, new technology  will continue to bring advancement in medicine, manufacturing, and other some new inventions. A great boom is about to come in this field

2) Counseling and Therapy:-

counseling and therpyIn today’s highly competitive environment, mental health needs more attention, it  is as important as physical health,  which is likely to increase the demand for more expertise in this field. Need of therapists to grow 41% by 2020

1) Data crunching:-

Data Chruncing

Data Crunching

Data is the foundation of  any company and it provide a platform  for multiply your company growth. Every firm is eager to have a vast database to gather  more information about clients, competitive and even handling large data. In our list data crunching is a top business that gonna to boom in 2020.

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Indian IT BPO : Challenges and Strategy

Due to globalization, in 1990, when India open its market to the world,  one of the most important things to take shape was BPO boomindian bpo company. Stories of young people earning more,  books on call- centre culture and movies on related books were common. In Today’s scenario, Indian BPO industry provide  employment to more than  3 million people directly and indirectly. The current size of industry is estimated to more than 20 million $ and may clock 12-15% growth in next financial year.

Despite of all these facts, Indians BPO  industry is facing some challenges:

Internally Indian BPO  struggling to maintain its USP, cost effective service.The  global backlash from developed countries affect the industry globally.

The study on information and communications technology jointly conducted by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) and KPMG said India was losing around 70 per cent of all incremental voice and call centre business to competitors, such as the Philippines and Eastern Europe

As per Businees line, “It is estimated that in the ongoing decade India might lose about $30 billion in terms of foreign exchange earnings to the Philippines, which has become the top destination for Indian investors, thus the need to reduce costs and make operations leaner is increasingly becoming significant across the BPO industry,” DS Rawat, Secretary General, Assocham said.

There is an urgent need to come up with strong strategy to retain No.1 position. Need to shift the focus to non metro cities. BPO industry need to look where the talent pool is.Today most of the employee  working in metro BPOs  are from non metro location. Shift, smaller sector can provide the growth the sector is looking for. It will  help a lot in cutting the cost.

According to report in Hindu times Which state that ” IT-BPO companies could reduce the total operating costs by 20-30 per cent by moving to a low-cost city within India with cost differential at around 10-15 per cent for non-voice processes and upward of 20 per cent for voice processes.”

Up and down are the part of market. India BPO ‘s vast experience and incredible image as the global back office of the world on the basis of quality track is enough to say India’s BPO will  again gain its position.

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Why Your Badly Designed Website is Killing Your SEO

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Are you a good online seller???

how to selllConsumer have put off the traditional way of marketing . Magazines, TV,   are now old fashion marketing trend,and with popularizing of  simple term “internet marketing”,you can reach  million of your customer

In today’s competitive era, the one who has the ability to “sell”, is the real leader. In industry, the good “seller” is the one who has the ability to convenience customer that they  need their product or services, and made you asking for it, rather to force it on customer.Let your Customer to reach you..

Content marketing  ensures that this happen in a number of different..Customer have put off the traditional way of marketing. magazines, TV, radio are now old fashion marketing trend. with the  advancement in technology, when more than 2 billion people uses internet, organization understand that traditional way of marketing is of no use and there has  to better way….

Enter  content marketing

Good content itself answers question, attract visitors and build trust.

Anything that gets customer is marketing

Anything that keep customer is marketing

To reach people in a effective,scalable and data driven way, building a good website,high quality content is important.

Content Marketing  is  an art, use it to enhance your business

Content marketing is basically an art of interaction with customer and to sell  product.    Nearly each and every big organization like Microsoft, P& G and even outsourcing companies  follow this trend to enhance business.

Good Content -Powerful marketing tool

“Creating high quality,relevant and valuable content to acquire a clearly defined customer” is the key factor of content marketing.

If in above written line, i delete the word “high quality, relevant and valuable”, it will be of no meaning. That’s the difference between good content and just piece of information. It the good content, which can make your relation with customer, enhance them and result in your customer your Client.


 Online Marketing Can’t be imagined without good content. Relevant and    good quality content is always a part of marketing, regardless of type of marketing tracts you are using.

No matters where you are…….   start writing good content and achieve your goal!!!

whicg step you have resched today

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5 Things That a Virtual Assistant Can Help You With

A virtual assistant can turn out to be very effective for you if you have loads works piled up at your desktop. When you are trying to start up a new business or even trying to expand the existing business, it can b a tricky decision to choose which task should be outsourced. Most of the remote assistants are well versed with the administrative tasks that an administrative personnel does. Moreover they are automated and so you need not have to give instructions every time you turn up for a new work.

As a business person, you can hire a virtual assistant for even the tiniest piece of work at your office. They can help you to framing your work into different schedules and also for sending thanks giving emails to the prospective customers.

There have been tremendous usage of virtual assistants in the work field and business organizations over the years. Several industries are getting benefited by the immense benefits it provides to the client.

A virtual assistant can become an integral part of your work team overtime as the only difference would be their working position from a remote location. If you want to try out the different usefulness of a virtual assistant but unaware about its functions, then read on this article to gain an insight on this topic. Here are five different ways in which you can use a virtual assistant to fulfill the tasks at your office.

  1. 1.      Data presentations:

Do you have an urgent meeting in the afternoon and you have not yet prepared the power presentation to show up to the panel? The virtual assistant can be very helpful in maintaining such tasks and converting the raw data into power point presentations. So next time when you run short of time or get annoyed making those power points, just hand it over to your virtual assistant.

  1. 2.      Online research:  

Making an intensive online research is something which you can easily rely on the remote assistant. Your virtual assistant can help you if you want to search for information from various websites, collect ideas about your blog, make weekly updates to your online campaigning and conduct research in a new market. By the help of a dedicated virtual assistant you can make out time for your other core related business activities.

  1. 3.      Database entries:

Maintaining a database is a clumsy task. Do you find it difficult to enter, delete and update existing data from the huge database you have at your office? Not that difficult anymore. You can hire your remote assistant to control all the activities related to database. Next time when you get scans and faxes regarding business to your office, just hand them over to the virtual assistant so that they can be entered into the database without any hassle.

  1. 4.      Bookkeeping:

A virtual assistant can successfully complete your job of bookkeeping and accounting assignments very easily. Both small and large business units nowadays prefer to hire virtual assistants who can keep tabs on the outstanding invoices and unpaid bills, thereby keeping a watch on various bills. The most enjoyable part is that you can get the benefits of a skillful bookkeeper without having to spend large sums of money.

  1. 5.      Email management:

If you remain busy in core business related activities and you get scores of mails on a single day, then you might not be able to keep tabs and reply to each mail individually. In such cases, virtual assistant can help you to reply on your behalf. But before engaging a virtual assistant for t his task you must make sure that you have keyed in the unique senders with the help of a primary. Also if you want to set an ‘auto reply’ button for the assistant, make sure that a copy of the same is saved for your reference.

These are the few work projects in your business which can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. The virtual assistants do the needful, right from sorting your business mails to keeping appointment check with other clients. Database management and accounting also becomes easy with the help of a virtual assistant. So this is the time for rising up and providing a fresh new way of handling business through outsourcing. Read more on Virtual Assistance Outsourcing

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Mystery of Missing flight MH370.

flight imageWas it lost in Aeronautical Black Hole??

When technology is at it best, its seems incredible that a plane carrying 239 passenger could vanish into air

Despite of location transponders,flight data recorder and radio communication, the Malaysian  flight MH370 disappeared on a Friday midnight .With the loss of communication,some theories of mid-air bomb explosion,disappearance into air “,aeronautical black hole”  could be possible.

The mystery strength after report emerged that relatives have been able to call the mobiles of their dear one…….Acc. to professor william webb ‘ a fellow of royal academy of engineering ,told “the phone definitely would not be working,they will be underwater,out of coverage”,

After 3 days , wouldn’t the cell  phone batteries be dead ????

May not be,. Smartphones  will typically last up to around 24 hours. But the batteries on older, feature phones can last much longer.

As,the Nokia 100 has a standby battery life of a staggering 35 days. Smartphone batteries can also last longer if the handset isn’t being used, and especially if the phone is in Flight Mode But, if the phone is in Flight Mode, no phone call is possible,,,thus this thoery fails out.

In case, if phone batteries are dead,,,,  wouldn’t the call go  in voice mail?.. ..Questions are many …..but answers are few……..

The disappearance of theMH370  has same story to the Air France flight which vanished from radar screens an hour or so after take-off from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on 1 June 2009.

It crashed in waters 4 km deep in the Atlantic’s and so was difficult to find. This jet, however, is likely to have gone down in waters just 100 meters deep, according to experts

Some possible  scenario

1) Theory  Bomb

malasia sflight

One of the theories about the missing plane is that some terrorist boarded the flight and blew plane in mid-air. After the discovery of two stolen passports linked to people with tickets for the flight , this could be the best possibility. Robert Francis, former vice chairman of the U.S. National Transportation Board told  if  flight 370 was blown up  by terrorist there would have been no signal and the plane could disappear from radar without warning.

There is a theory that the plane could have been blown up over a jungle and that if the pilot was incapacitated or killed, the aircraft or debris could have fallen into or through the canopy, which is why it has yet to be found.

Problem: But far no debris of wreckage has been found that would state the aircraft was destroyed in bomb blast.

It is possible that any huge explosion would have been caughtby orbiting satellites as they could have to pass over the exact location at the correct time to record a flash from above.But Experts have confirmed that debris found in the South China Sea didn’t originate from flight 370.

THEORY: Hijacking


It was indicated by Radar data that the plane have made a U-turn to head back to Kuala Lumur, which some experts think might indicate that the aircraft was hijacked.

Problem: There are no indication of flight crew sending any signals to get help, which support a hijacking scenario.

Dr Thomas said that the hijacking theory is ‘odd’ because it is likely that a plane continuing a journey would have been detected by military radar somewhere in the region – especially if it made a U-turn and passed over busy areas of land.

THEORY: Mechanical failure

The aircraft might have suffered a huge mechanical failure, which caused it to sink into  water without breaking up. It could have sunk without leaving any debris behind.

Problem: In the past, pilots have managed to glide a plane more slowly down when engines have failed, giving them time to send an SOS., which would seem likely if pilots had to make the decision to ditch the aircraft.

No theories,,,,,,no calculation works up to now…….All We CAN Do


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